To Tweet…or Not to Tweet… is there really any question?


Twitter is a social networking tool that is free for all, and is taking the world by storm! To put it simply, twitter is a tool that connects people, colleagues, family and friends through one common thread being to answer the simple and subjective:

What are you right doing now?

Reading a book. Going to walk my dog. Meeting Cindy for Lunch at the mall.

There has been a lot of debate as to whether or not Twitter is to be used as an integral tool for marketing and communication, or perhaps is just another passing fad. To date, twitter has more than 4 billion users, and 60 percent of these users fall into the 35-45 year olds demographic. These numbers are attributed in the majority by stable career types, and young cosmopolitans with combined household incomes
of $250,000+. –Twitter Power, Anthony Robbins.

Twitter allows you the capabilities to follow people, and recruit followers.
Once people “follow you” on Twitter, your message will appear on their prsofile each and every time you “tweet.”  Which, enables your followers with the information to receive the most up to date (like an RSS Feed) information available about you, your day, your intentions, your blog content, your job availabilities, your new product on sale…etc. etc. etc.

So long as you have the right followers for the right demographic, it is apparent that being connected to such a powerful and ever evolving media marketplace…such as Twitter is becoming.can only benefit both employers and job seekers, if utilized correctly.

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