Social Media–How Do You Measure Up?


Due to the emergence of Social Media, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and LinkedIn, recruiters can get a better sense of who you are as a candidate, even pre-interview, or initial job talks. The user bases of these applications are growing by the millions, and it’s a bandwagon you absolutely MUST be on.

The days or recruiters and headhunters, and soon to become extinct. Your resume credentials will become almost as pertinent to your success as your Social Media Footprint. It’s time to embrace this Social Media Explosion, it is safe to assume that it is here to stay. Here’s a few checklist points to consider while trying to embed your footprint in this vast world of Social Networking, for Recruitment.

Are you LinkedIn?

It’s important to have an account on Linked In, with relevant contacts. This nifty little networking tool serves as the reference portion of your resume. Not only can it  help to chronologically organize your work history, but also can speak volumes of you and your work ethic through recommendations that previous employers contribute to your profile.

For a more favorable presence on LinkedIn, ask yourself,

Does Your Profile:

• Have genuine recommendations from peers, managers and colleagues
• Have the more complete profile with a photo
• A member of more groups pertaining to their respective field
• Lists interests, hobbies and other information related to their life outside of work
• Participates and highlights their involvement in non-paid projects related to their field
• Asks and answers questions
• Links to their employer, blog and other projects of interest
• Has a larger network
• Updates their status more often

When Googled, Your Name or E-mail Address:

• Does not lead to something controversial like arrests
• Leads to profession-related discussions and commentary on other social media sites
• Leads to a personal blog, web page or social media profiles
• Does not have incriminating photos on sites such as Myspace and Facebook
• Doesn’t come up blank

On Twitter:

• Tweets often ( at least 2-5 tweets per day ) Genuinely tweets and re-tweets.
• Has a growing follower list
• Keeps a healthy balance tweeting both professionally and personally
• Continually updates, and keeps a healthy dialogue amongst followees and followers.

New to social media?
Just follow a few easy steps and you’ll get right into the
swing of things!

•  Start TODAY!
• Create fully completed LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles.
•  Get rid of preconceived notions of keeping your work and home life separate.
Companies want people, not resumes. Social media platforms allow you the stage present yourself as a well rounded individual. Use it!
• Use social media to its fullest – update often, connect with others and stay active.
• Keep the flow going. Just because you are content with your current gig, doesn’t mean you can’t remain in the loop of your evolving industry, the latest news and technologies, and what your peers are tweeting about.

Q: Has Social Media helped you to land a gig?
Q: Has Social Media helped you in recruiting a top candidate?

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