Recruitment Basics 2.0

Recruitment in the 21st century has made leaps and bounds in it’s methodology, since the good old days of placing a classified ad in the newspaper.

Classified advertising has stood as the traditional medium to place an available position, and search for a job. These days, the classified section of many newspapers jumps from autos to furniture, and the employment section has become a thing of the past.

The internet is the new tool for recruitment.

Think about it. One day in the newspaper ( likely a Sunday ) vs 30 days posted on Careerbuilder?  One pretty expensive 25 word ad in a newspaper reaching 30,000 subscribers, vs an elaborate job description with graphics, video and a quick link to shoot off an e-mailed resume, instead of finding a fax? The answer to these comparisons are no brainers. Web is the way to go. But with thousands of employment sites, and spammers galore, it is hard to know where to apply your advertising budget to get the most bang for your buck. A virtual recruitment advertising agency would be your best bet to help you allocate and budget your spending across several platforms, targeting your approach to attracting better candidates

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