Transition Jobs – The Path Down Down or A Need to Survive?

dot_comsFollowing on from the Cornell University discussion on ‘survival jobs’ help pay the bills’ .  The article talks about people taking on more than one survival job and then not being able to pursue the jobs they really want or they are really qualified to do.

Let’s face it the economy is not good right now and its hard to find a job.   For college students and professionals alike we are all looking for ways to survive. For college students, the idea of spending 4 years earning a degree and finding a great job in your chosen field is a thing of the past.   Or it could be a different scenario  – your unemployment benefits are running low, your savings are dwindling and you still have to make the mortgage or rental payments and put food on the table.

What to do?

After all the student or other bills won’t disappear into thin air.  Like the stimulus package some of us are going to be paying them off for years to come.  Now its all about finding an interesting job that pays the bills or survival jobs.

You have to wonder whether this will put a damper on career aspirations or whether some of these people might take this opportunity and run with it… Maybe get into a rhythm at work, get the job done, pay the bills but unleash all their creative thoughts and aspirations at home on the internet etc.

Or what about another concept —  we might actually get to enjoy the time we spend away from the office?

After all most of us are used to spending nearly all our time at work,
it might be nice to spend time just being and enjoying it!

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