Try Twitter today using these simple steps:


Create your own twitter account (can be  your name, a surname, something you like (ljohnston OR bobdenver262 OR avidslopeskiier).  Be sure to include a logo or a photo to better personalize your account. The web is a wonderful, VISUAL tool!

Build a following. Are you an accountant? Search accounting, finance, professionals.  Find your friends, family and co-workers. Twitter is, after all, the new “water-cooler”

Thank people for following you. Ask them how they came to find you, what search criteria was keyed in.

Broadcast your thoughts. Tweet about things you love, things you dislike, movies that made you laugh, self-tanner that made you orange….whatever. If you feel like sharing an interesting article that you’ve read in a local paper, include the link in your “tweet.”  If you would like someone to read your blog, purchase a cool t-shirt, or check out a great new beverage Starbucks is featuring, include those links as well, for easy click-ability.

One Hundred Forty characters or less! (140 char. or less!)
That means…Get to the point! Try to think of your tweets as headlines in newspapers, or blogs. The american public really only has the average attention span of about 3 seconds…use them wisely! Use commonly heard words, not everyone knows what “Zeitgeist” means.

Use a URL shortening service that includes tracking. Having the ability to attach some type of analytics to your tweets can let you know where you stand. Use short urls on your job postings. I like or

Keep it clean, keep it informative, and you will have no problem getting your feet wet in the Twitter pool!

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