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The birth of has come from a group of recruitment professionals specializing in print advertising. Since the tides of recruitment advertising have shifted dramatically in the direction of web, social networking, and career boards, we’ve decided to dedicate our manpower towards following these exciting new trends, and provide up to date information on the latest and greatest technologies and applications. Through our resources and news sites, we do our best to provide great tips, tricks, news and information on topics such related to HR and the world wide web.

We’re all in this together, HR professionals, recruitment agencies, and job seekers alike, can all benefit from having information available to be well informed, and utilizing your HR budget in a most effective manner. For job seekers, it’s always best to know where to go, or where to be, to be discovered while searching for a new gig. The light at the end of this recession is closer than we know, and a boom in the recruitment economy is surely on it’s way. In the mean time, it is very beneficial to be prepared, with connections, profiles, networks and tweets, so when the job-rush finally hits, we will all be prepared to reap the spoils.

At HooklineandThinker, we want it to be about you. You, the HR professionals, You the Employers, You the jobseekers, to contribute to our effort, and become a part of the conversation. We are always looking for any contributing material to our blog, and will gladly publish any articles, white-papers, recruitment related stories, and opinions that you may have. We truly want HooklineandThinker to be a blog that is for the people, and by the people. There’s no better way to measure the success of a new-fangled idea,….than to hear from the people that actually apply them. And we mean everyone. You do NOT need to be an expert on Social Media, or even a high level HR professional. Just a person who has an opinion or a case study regarding the newest technologies applied to get people to work…and to get work!

So…Let’s get working!

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  1. I’m sure you thought this article out well, but I slightly still disagree with what you say here.

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