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Many news sites and reports have been buzzing about the latest and greatest contender for jobboards: Twitter. The ongoing conversation of the future of conglomerate job boards, such as Monster and Careerbuilder could not be any more black and white. Whether an extremely favorable, or an extremely skeptical vision, opinions have been made, launched, and continue to flood the internet and newsites. You can choose one of two sides, because there seems to be a startling lack of a gray area- you can believe that all printed and paper materials and old world forms of advertising will cease to exist, Newspapers, billboards, magazines, publications and the like. Everything we say, think, create and do, will be at the fingertips of our smart phones, therefore eliminating the need for a 7 am paper, or the 6 o’clock news. Others firmly believe that all of this social media hoop-o-la is a massively disruptive trend, unorganized, riddled with opinion and fiction, and one that will fade out in time.

Proper experimentation with social media will tell you, it’s all about building relationships. It’s all about connecting, listening and engaging in relevant conversations. The ability to do this to a large and captive audience offers the glimpse of an exciting new world for recruitment….one that is honest, one that can target better candidates…on a more human level, and defiantly without a word limit.

Some people predict that the job-feed feature that Twitter has yet to unveil, will be nothing more than a new venue for SPAM and BOTS. Keep in mind that Twitter job feeds are not necessarily mutually exclusive. After all following someone’s Twitter feed is an opt in choice and it is impossible to spam users on Twitter if they are not following you. The flip-side of this though is that not many people will want to follow an automated job feed, making its potential reach distinctly unimpressive.

As the creators of JOB-CAST, we filter through 3,000 available job listings per day, across the country. We as recruitment professionals, know where to look to get the latest and greatest availabilities, which may not mean signing on to Career builder, and creating a daily alert. There are thousands of smaller job boards available, targeting niche industries, that may not advertise on Career builder, due to the massive amounts of unqualified applicants flood the in-boxes of recruiters who use this technology…and the rest of the world…that has access to it!

JOB-CAST gets on average, about 50 requests a day from fellow Tweeters that would like to utilize our service to broadcast their open availability. Without costly advertising, banners, radio spots or commercials, we’ve successfully built our brand on a good thought, a free service, a  need for such a service to exist, then of course, purely word of mouth. And it works!

As twitter unveils it’s Job board, it will be a work in progress, and quite possibly something that will not fully catch on, or become automated…for another 12 months, or quite possibly the next 2-5 years. Connecting the right audience to the proper feed will be crucial, considering timing of tweet, demo-graphical information, location, and measurement of success. But the true success will lie in it’s nearly real-time capability, and accessibility. Job seekers who follow specific Tweet-boards, will have nearly real time access, ( even if currently employed) to the hottest job availabilities around them, and can learn and connect on a much deeper level, before even scheduling an interview. I think that twitter for jobboards may not necessarily entirely replace jobboards all together,..but it will certainly give them a run for their money, and attract a much more social media savvy flavor of talent…in minutes…and 140 characters or less.

Would you use Twitter to find or Post a job?

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  1. I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

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