Tips for HR’s Interested in Social Media for Hiring

Today, all we need is a click of a button to reach and connect to the rest of the world. This online global village has given rise to the popularity of social media networks where a virtual platform is constructed to interact with likeminded individuals. The effectiveness of existing social media networks have given HR industry a perfect tool to recruit and reach a mass number of desirable candidates. The HR professionals can make use of social media to work in recruitment, employee engagement, increasing retention and more.

If you are a HR professional, you must have already utilized and experienced various social media networks especially in the year 2008, where the whole concept of using social media as HR tool gathered momentum. Phrases like ‘tweet’, ‘community’, etc have become acceptable part of our daily vocabulary. The sharing of job opportunities, new openings or even a new Public relation tactics has become instant, convenient and most importantly official through these social networking sites.

About a decade ago, if HR managers wanted to share or communicate any information regarding job assignments, recruitment, increasing retention or even to induce employer brand, they are expected to engage in month long planning activities and executing the information through various traditional mediums. It was a long process that consumed time, labor and money.

However, now, many HR departments of various corporate are getting free advertising, revolutionizing their marketing and PR strategies and investing a considerable amount of time and money to make their presence felt in facebook, linkedin or twitter accounts, something that would have sound absurd a few years ago. Many are embracing social recruiting.
So for those amateurs who are still unsure of how to make use of social media as a HR tool, here are few tips that I can think of:

1) Go where people “like you” might hangout virtually
Gather people who are like minded and face similar challenges like you. Choose any of the networking sites such as LinkedIn and consequently engage in live chats, discussions and Blog posts to create a group of professionals facing common challenges and vision.

2) Get familiar with twitter
Twitter can prove to be an excellent recruiter tool, coach and talent hunter at the same time. If you think Twitter cannot actually reach the niche group or target group you are aiming at, I am afraid I must warn you that it is a misconception. Twitter has become the ‘choice’ for almost all professionals and senior level executives as a medium to stay in connect with their concerned clients and followers.

3) Tap the power of facebook for recruiting
Facebook has definitely proved to be an important tool for HR professionals in the kitty offered by social media network. Many companies are already using facebook features to connect with and recruit young professionals. It has the right platform to engage in process of employment branding and social recruiting.

Social network indeed has taken the form of revolution as far as HR area is concerned. It has set its own game rules but has definitely left space for the HR team to make the most of social media. However remember even cyber space require certain amount of professionalism. Are you still thinking How HR Can Make The Most of Social Media? It is time to explore this.

Steve Sinclair is a writter on Social Recruiting and he advices companies on Social Media Recruiting strategies
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