– Finally playing with the Big Boys

Latest news from internet traffic rating sites shows that has joined the ranks of the major locations job candidates go to start the searches. Now surpassing Monster and on the heels of Careerbuilder, it’s clear that the Job Search Aggregator is gaining more traction.

After all – why see only one option when you can see them ALL? Indeed offers jobs from big job boards, applicant tracking systems, niche boards and even customized “branded” careerpages using technology provided by several vendors now on the market.

“Employers can get their job availabilities onto search aggregators for little or no money – posing another threat to the more mature Careerbuilder and Monster”, says Matt Peter, VP of Business Development at JP Media ( ). And they are through a variety of creative alternatives. Other critical search aggregator is SimplyHired, whose ads provide the backbone to the LinkedIn job search engine.

See our stats below for a little back-up.

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