The Problem with Monster


Monster is ineffective.

Overused, over saturated,

and I am SO over it!

If you haven’t already heard, is the leader in job marketing. They provide an avenue for millions to post and read resumes. However there is a problem with these huge job searching conglomerates.

Too much, too many..too bad.

According to Alexa, millions search and millions post on Monster, so when you apply for a job, just think, you are most likely up against 600 replies! Many HR professionals that I know, say that they tend to become so overwhelmed with responses to their administrative assistant posting, that they generally deactivate it after one week. This is wasteful for users to spend in excess of $400 to have a posting up for one week. Then, to top it all off, after spending dozens of man hours opening, scanning and reviewing the applicants resumes, there is a good chance that many of them are not even qualified for the detailed position that has several certification requirements, that you have specifically posted for. Back to the drawing board, back to re-activating your listing, back to sift through the muck of unqualified candidates and spammers that apply and reply to anything that moves! Next time, Think niche. Think recruitment agency to assist you with your search. Agencies offer discounted rates, and industry know-how, that is valuable to your company, and can help you maintain a strong brand identity, and has the established relationships to and connections with the top talent available. Not just the diluted job pool of Monsters like Monster.

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