Twitter’s Inevitable Demise

Innovators Innovate – Duplicators Duplicate

Sad but true, when it comes to great ideas, all too often they get rolled over by the 80 lb Gorilla iinthe room. No not AXA Financial, but the other Monkey See Monkey do-ers in the world would while not so gifted in the foresight area, can make a slightly better knock off and do it well.

I live in New York, where a man can pay a tailor, an artist with cloth, thousands to make a dress for his wife for their anniversary,  then 3 weeks later you can get them   by the rack everywhere in Chinatown.

Here’s why Twitter is shot. Because being creative, gifted and blessed with foresight meant for them that they are leaders, not fundamentally followers. So, they make a better mousetrap – they problem is, the purpose of that mousetrap is to make better mousetraps. Like the Matrix, sooner or later the very existence of Twitter gaurantees a better version of Twitter will be produced.

And sure, Twitter will make adjustments, and repel competition to the extent that they are able. But we come back to the point that all great creative minds create, tinker and move on.

So, while the merchants of the world read the Tweets and figure out how to maximize this and improve this for sped and profit, the thinkers have already left the building.

Unless some company we love (read Apple or other lovable well branding darling) picks up the banner, we all better enjoy watching our little Tweets and enjoy their age of innocence. Sooner Shaq won’t be back, and who knows at what cost our 140 characters may come?

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