Video Resumes


Long gone are the days of a simple resume, and a good faith recommendation.

Employers are stepping up their requirements for the application process for an open job. Send a resume. Fill out an application. Provide references, Phone interview, Second interview, online portfolio * for art professionals. Linked-in account. Skills test. Background check..and the list goes on.

The newest form of self-representation has become the Video Resume.
Video resumes put job seekers at an advantage, while their written resume can showcase their skill-set and experience, the video resume helps to portray them as an individual, and present their mannerisms, and personality.

Whether or not this new technology is due to be a flash in the pan, or a technology here to stay, is yet to be determined. I suppose that all depends on how you feel about the Video Resume, will determine if it will acquire a residence on Main Street U.S.A. or fade into the obscurity of another fad…just passing thru town.

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